Today is February the 29th. As a quirk of the calendar, it has become the subject of a number of traditions, one being that it provides a day on which women can propose to men, rather than the other way around. It is said to have originate in fifth-century Ireland, when St Brigid struck a […]

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  Keeping It In The Family: Divorce and Support from Family and Friends  

Contrary to the perception created by popular dramas and occasional media coverage, most divorces are completed without friction and flashpoints. However, that’s not to say that the process itself is easy. Based on the experience of cases which I’ve dealt with and speaking to colleagues at Hall Brown, I would suggest that many clients acknowledge […]

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  Going Live: The Issues Involved In Screening Family Court Cases  

We live in a very ‘transparent’ age, one in which the boundaries between what used to be private and that which was public have become blurred. It only takes a brief glimpse at either traditional print and broadcast media or new, social media to realise that many individuals are happy to share their lives with […]

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