Financial Settlements 

Financial settlements on divorce or dissolution of civil partnership

When a couple separates, the finances can often be the most worrying and confusing area for them.

A divorce or dissolution gives rise to a range of financial claims that can be made. It also allows parties to protect their assets from being disposed of or taken by the other party.

This area of law is complicated and entirely discretionary. Couples need to be careful to ensure they are not vulnerable in the short and long term but also that assets or income are not being attacked unfairly.

The Hall Brown family law team is one of the most experienced in dealing with financial settlements. We have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Family businesses
  • Entrepreneurs (entrepreneur or ex-spouse/partner)
  • Trusts and family settlements
  • Pensions
  • Ongoing financial support
  • Child maintenance
  • Sports people (sports person or ex-spouse or partner)
  • Financial provision for children
  • High or complicated income streams
  • Inherited assets

There are many ways to reach a financial settlement ranging from direct discussion between a couple to various forms of mediation/dispute resolution to court proceedings.

Whichever route is followed financial disclosure has to be provided by both parties and there can be a range of ‘answers’ within the bracket of what could be right, appropriate or a court could order.

If a person is in any doubt at all about what the outcome of their relationship breakdown should be they need to take specialist family law advice.

Hall Brown are true experts in this area and we pride ourselves on no-nonsense and easy to understand guidance. This might just be to confirm that what you have agreed with your ex-spouse or partner is appropriate. It might, however, be to walk alongside you in complicated and stressful matrimonial litigation.

Wherever your case falls on that broad spectrum we can probably help.

Advice on Financial Settlements

If you are looking for advice on financial settlements, contact a member of the Hall Brown team to find out how we can help.

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