Putting the ‘Age’ In Marriage  

“The past”, the poet L P Hartley once wrote, “is a foreign country; they do things differently there”. Since he penned ‘The Go-Between’ in 1953, the world in which we live has undergone many significant changes, including in the home. In that year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), roughly two-thirds of men […]

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  Divorce and the Technology Trap  

In the course of the last four decades, households around the world have benefited from significant and very rapid developments in technology. Not too long ago, the kind of audio and video facilities now provided by affordable, pocket-sized instruments came courtesy of items which were often the size of a suitcase and sometimes prohibitively expensive. […]

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It’s fair to say that the last four decades have not treated the institution of marriage terribly well. In the early 1970s, the introduction of divorce legislation prompted a dramatic increase in the number of spouses choosing to exit their marriages. By 1993, there were a record 165,000 divorces, more than twice the figure recorded […]

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