Choose Your Future: Obi-Wan Kenobi And The Benefits Of Openness On Divorce  

For many cinema goers of a certain age, Ewan McGregor will always be Mark Renton, the lead character in director Danny Boyle’s 1995 film adaptation of ‘Trainspotting’, a series of short stories by Scottish author Irvine Welsh. However, since the movie’s success propelled him to global fame, Mr McGregor has featured in more than 40 […]

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  Quartet of Appointments as Hall Brown Growth Continues  

One of the country’s most dynamic family law firms has announced four appointments as it embarks on a fresh growth phase. Hall Brown Family Law has revealed that Hannah Currie and Rebekah King have both taken up the post of Solicitor while Emma Whitehead has taken up a Paralegal position. Matthew Hodgson who had started […]

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  Lockdowns and Break-Ups  

The last four months have arguably been amongst the most trying for families across Britain in living memory. Since March the 23rd, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of a series of measures designed to counteract the spread of coronavirus, much of our normal routines have undergone substantial change. In particular, the combination […]

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