A Good Time for Divorce?  

It’s perhaps hard to believe but, not too many decades ago, there was something of a stigma attached to divorce. Even in marriages which were experiencing difficulties, spouses often spoke of “staying together for the children”, as though they were conscious of the potential which their splitting up would have for sons and daughters. Now, […]

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  The Mental Toll of Marriage Breakdown  

It will come as a surprise to very few that even the most amicable end to a marriage can be a time of great sensitivity and no little stress either. Some spouses might have been together for many years, only to find that any difficulties which they had could simply not be overcome. To the […]

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  Hall Brown’s Latest Honour Sees Associate Named Manchester JCI President  

One of Hall Brown Family Law’s first recruits has been elected as the leader of the Manchester branch of a group supporting the development of the city’s young professionals. Ellen Walker’s nomination as President of the local chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the latest piece of individual and collective recognition for the firm […]

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