The Homestead History-Makers: UK Relationships at the Crossroads  

I would hazard a guess that most married – and, in fact, divorcing – couples are so reasonably occupied with the details of events at home that they think little of their place in history. If that seems a startling opening sentence, allow me to clarify what I mean. At the moment, I believe that […]

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  Fairness, Finance and a Short Marriage  

Marital collapse is, unfortuately, a far from uncommon occurrence. Whenever spouses decide to go their separate ways, there are two essential elements to the divorce process. The first is administrative – the obtaining of decrees nisi and then absolute six weeks or so apart – while the second deals with the delicate division of the […]

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  The Home Front: Election Promises and the Family  

By the end of this week, party political paraphernalia will be packed away again at the end of another General Election campaign. Only a month ago, the result seemed something of a foregone conclusion as Theresa May’s leading the Conservatives to a double-digit opinion poll lead but that has since reportedly shrunk back to only […]

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