Reality TV And Real Life: Mums, Dads And Prohibited Steps  

REALITY TV AND REAL LIFE: MUMS, DADS AND PROHIBITED STEPS None other than Oscar Wilde once remarked that life imitates art more than the other way around. If true, I wonder how a new and popular reality television show might be reflected in viewers’ households. The programme is entitled ‘My Mum, Your Dad’ and features […]

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  Bugged: Recording Devices, Disclosure And Divorce  

The breakdown of any relationship can be an intensely emotional experience for those involved. If it means the sudden collapse of a marriage or cohabitation which may have lasted a significant period of time, the experience perhaps understandably prompts a desire to know why things have gone wrong. However, it is imperative that individuals do […]

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  Domestic Abuse And The Family Court: Progress Made But More Required  

That family courts across England and Wales handle a very large case load is by now accepted without dispute. Many individuals in government and the judiciary have already remarked on the impact which the volume of work has on the speed with which often very sensitive matters can be resolved. At the end of June, […]

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