Multiple Parents And Progress  

The change which we have seen over the course of a single generation in the very idea of what constitutes a family would seem bewildering to those living in previous centuries. Whilst the number of marriages and divorces in England and Wales have, for instance, fallen by 22 per cent and 35 per cent respectively […]

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  Null And Void: Is It Time To Update Grounds For Annulment?  

Over the course of the last year, much of what had previously passed for our normal lives at work and at home seems to have been put on hold. Despite all that delay and postponement, however, one development with the potential to impact households across England and Wales is still scheduled to take place later […]

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  North West Top Billing For Hall Brown In High Net Worth Ranking  

One of the country’s most dynamic law firms has claimed top billing among the North West’s family law specialists in a new ranking of advisors to high net worth clients. Hall Brown Family Law has seen two of its Manchester partners named in the Spear’s 500 – a listing of private client advisors – more […]

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