Clocking Into Work and Clocking Out of Marriage? Shift Work and Divorce  

One piece of advice commonly offered to staff in a wide range of businesses is “not to take your work home with you”. The guidance is intended to prevent individuals whose office hours might be filled with relatively stressful tasks not being entirely able to switch off when they clock out and head back to […]

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  Losing The Connection: How Being Internet Savvy is Fuelling Over-65 Divorce  

Technology, it is said, has made us a more connected world than at any point in our history. It wasn’t so long ago that we marvelled at how air flight has made far-flung parts of the globe easily accessible in little over a century since the Wright brothers first took to the air. Yet, in […]

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  After A Fashion: Could Marriage Be On The Rebound?  

Among William Shakespeare’s many contributions to the English language, one is his ability to distill acute observations on romance into the kind of pithy phrases which linger long in the individual memory and even longer in the collective vocabulary. In ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’, no less, he remarked that “the course of true love never did […]

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