Couples, Control and Kids  

Published on 29 April, 2019 | Laura Guillon

Over the course of my career as a family lawyer, one of the things which I’ve become aware of is the difference between the perception of the kind of work which myself and my colleagues at Hall Brown Family Law deal with and the reality. For instance, many individuals whose only experience of divorce is […]

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  Hall Brown’s Investments in Staff and Community Key to Continued Success  

Published on 12 April, 2019 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

One of the country’s fastest growing family law firms has announced that focusing on its responsibilities to clients, colleagues and the local community contributed to further remarkable growth over the course of the last year. Hall Brown Family Law has seen turnover up by almost 50 per cent during a 12-month period in which its […]

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  Government Recognises ‘No-Fault’ Divorce is a No-Brainer  

Published on 10 April, 2019 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

Regular readers of this ‘blog will know that it highlights finely-detailed shifts in domestic relationships. Although we have tended to focus more on the effects of what happens in the home or workplace, it’s important not to lose sight of events outside of those environments but which potentially have consequences for both. Over the course […]

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  Two Become One…Later: Mid-Life Marriage and the Working Woman  

Published on 01 April, 2019 | Ellen Walker

Even if you weren’t a particular fan of the Spice Girls, it was hard to avoid the notion of ‘Girl Power’ during the late 1990s. Although it was nothing necessarily new to have women making a valid contribution in the workplace, media – with imagination fuelled, at least in part, by the exploits of Scary, […]

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  Women and Winning: Hall Brown Celebrates IWD and Another Brace of Award Wins  

Published on 08 March, 2019 | Sam Hall

Sam Hall - Hall Brown Family Law

One of the country’s leading law firms has decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by throwing its weight behind a Mancunian landmark’s campaign to commemorate the mother and daughter who contributed to its success. Hall Brown Family Law, which has its headquarters in the city, has supported the decision to rename the well-known pub, Mr […]

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  Family Frictions and Family Business  

Published on 28 February, 2019 | James Brown

Whilst no couple starts out together expecting that their relationship will collapse, relationship breakdown is, sadly, a frequent feature of modern life. For instance, the most recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce ( Of course, a significant number of other relationships […]

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  No Longer Finding Fault: Divorce Reform and Domestic Disputes  

Published on 27 February, 2019 | Judith Klyne

For anyone glancing over the pages of our national newspapers during the course of the last two years or so, it might appear that there’s been a single, rather significant piece of legislation dominating proceedings in Westminster. Even though a study by the House of Commons’ library shows that MPs are perhaps not as prolific […]

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  A Good Time for Divorce?  

Published on 22 January, 2019 | Alice Rogers

It’s perhaps hard to believe but, not too many decades ago, there was something of a stigma attached to divorce. Even in marriages which were experiencing difficulties, spouses often spoke of “staying together for the children”, as though they were conscious of the potential which their splitting up would have for sons and daughters. Now, […]

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  The Mental Toll of Marriage Breakdown  

Published on 07 January, 2019 | Katie Dillon

It will come as a surprise to very few that even the most amicable end to a marriage can be a time of great sensitivity and no little stress either. Some spouses might have been together for many years, only to find that any difficulties which they had could simply not be overcome. To the […]

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  Hall Brown’s Latest Honour Sees Associate Named Manchester JCI President  

Published on 02 January, 2019 | Misc

One of Hall Brown Family Law’s first recruits has been elected as the leader of the Manchester branch of a group supporting the development of the city’s young professionals. Ellen Walker’s nomination as President of the local chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI) is the latest piece of individual and collective recognition for the firm […]

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