Literature, Litigation Funding And A Long-Running Divorce  

Published on 28 April, 2021 | Izzy Walsh

It’s entirely possible that anyone reading reports of some of the divorces which feature in our national newspapers might conclude that the entire process is highly dramatic. The reality is that most marriages are brought to a legal conclusion in a relatively straightforward fashion. Although sometimes distressing for those involved, there is little of the […]

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  Keeping Up With A Very Modern Divorce  

Published on 21 April, 2021 | Katie Welton-Dillon

For most of us, family life is something rather private. Away from work and even friends, spending time at home represents a form of sanctuary. However, there are individuals who have established enormous profile and great wealth from displaying even relatively intimate family moments to a watching audience. Although the trend arguably started with a […]

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  Cohabitation And Conflict In The Cotswolds  

Published on 14 April, 2021 | Ellen Walker

Of all the differences in the make-up of British households over the course of the last generation, one of the most significant has been the continued rise in cohabitation. Earlier this month, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published figures showing how the number of heterosexual cohabitating couples in England and Wales had more than […]

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  Walking Through The Door: Coming To Terms With Divorce  

Published on 12 April, 2021 | Alice Rogers

It is a myth that family lawyers like myself derive some pleasure from dealing with divorce. The idea that we might revel in often lengthy marriages falling apart is utterly incorrect. I would suggest that the reality is, in fact, the opposite. Given how stressful divorce can be, those who make it as simple as […]

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  Domestic Violence And A Brexit Blind Spot  

Published on 31 March, 2021 | Katie Welton-Dillon

Last week has marked the first anniversary of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, placing the UK into a state of lockdown in an effort to control the spreading coronavirus pandemic. There have, of course, been enormous economic consequences since on a national, business and also a personal level. Financial support from Westminster may have softened […]

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  The Domestic Toll Of Lockdown  

Published on 29 March, 2021 | Andrew Newbury

Proponents of the restrictions imposed by governments around the world over the last year maintain that they have been necessary part of efforts to control the spread of coronavirus. Regardless of their effectiveness, there is now little doubt that prolonged controls on businesses and households has taken its toll both on the economy and on […]

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  Anti-Social Media: The Consequences Of Online Comments For Divorce  

Published on 10 March, 2021 | Ellen Walker

The breakdown of any relationship – no matter how long or short – can be a very emotional experience. Confronted with the prospect of losing a partner or spouse, it can be difficult to keep calm and in control. In previous generations, any failure to do so – any critical remark made about one’s spouse […]

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  The Mother Of The Bride Finally Makes Her Mark  

Published on 08 March, 2021 | Alice Rogers

Politicians and the public rarely seem to agree on anything. There is one thing, however, which both will readily accept as fact; namely, that society moves quicker than the legislation which is applied to it. That’s been particularly true in recent decades. As my colleague Laura Guillon observed only last week in a ‘blog on […]

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  Marriage On The Rebound  

Published on 05 March, 2021 | Laura Guillon

The tide of change in Britain’s households has been relatively fast-flowing in recent decades. It seems that much of the accepted wisdom from just a couple of generations ago about what constituted ‘normal’ family life has been tipped on its head. Even so, if you want to see what’s really going on, it’s often worth […]

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  Multiple Parents And Progress  

Published on 23 February, 2021 | Emma Dewhurst

The change which we have seen over the course of a single generation in the very idea of what constitutes a family would seem bewildering to those living in previous centuries. Whilst the number of marriages and divorces in England and Wales have, for instance, fallen by 22 per cent and 35 per cent respectively […]

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