Mahtani v Mahtani – London, Legal Change and Global Divorce  

London is one of the major global cities and, as such, has magnetic appeal not only for foreign visitors but for those wishing to work and live in England. More than its tourist attractions and vibrant business community, London has added another dimension to its reputation over time as the world’s divorce capital. As various […]

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It is possible to say without exaggeration or irony that change has been one of the most constant elements of family life in England and Wales over the course of the last half-century. Back in 1973, a major piece of divorce law reform – the Matrimonial Causes Act – came into force. Between then and […]

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  Pensions, Equality And Divorce  

The divorce process has two important elements. Obtaining divorce decrees is generally a straightforward exercise and consists of completing court forms. Contention can arise when spouses try and work out how to divide their finances in order to provide them with the means to move on with their lives. Whereas the administrative part of divorce […]

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