DIY And Divorce And Disclosure  

There are few elements of our personal and professional lives which have not benefited from the great surge in technological advances over the last few decades. Smartphones which sit neatly in our hands enable us to forge relationships with and remain connected to individuals on the other side of the world, if we’re so inclined. […]

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  For Richer, For Poorer: Can Separate Bank Accounts Really Help A Marriage?  

It seems that there are almost as many suggestions as to what makes a happy marriage as there are marriages. Flick through any lifestyle magazine or newspaper supplement and you’ll find commentators espousing the merits of everything from date nights, regular counselling sessions and even a good row ( Such recommendations are often very subjective: […]

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  Not So ‘Blue Monday’: The Merits Of Mediation  

Even before this week began, there were widespread expectations of it being rather down-beat. The 18th of January had already been designated ‘Blue Monday’: supposedly, the most depressing day of the year due to bad wintry weather and the arrival of the post-Christmas bank statements among other factors. However, amidst talk of January gloom, there […]

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