Divorce and the Roman Empire: Art, Abramovich and Asset Division  

Although it now seems routine, the undoubted fascination of media in divorce is a relatively recent phenomenon. In decades past, marriage splits involving celebrities or royalty were far more likely to cut the mustard with newsdesks. Now, countless column inches are racked up by accounts of couples who – with all due respect – have […]

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  From Beak To Peake: How Support For Hall Brown’s Winning Duck Is Out Of This World  

During a company’s first year in business, it’s only to be expected that there will be a number of firsts. Hall Brown has certainly seen a succession of milestones. We’ve grown from our two founding partners, Sam Hall and James Brown, to 19 staff and, as a result, moved from our first office to a […]

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  Good Relations: Brexit and The Truth About Marital Exits  

One of the unavoidable realities of being a family lawyer is that few marriages end without difficulty or tension. No matter how reasonable spouses are, they are brought to the point of formally breaking up by differences of opinion or behaviour which occur over weeks, months or, in some cases, years. Having said that, it’s […]

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