Family Courts: The Importance Of Protecting The Vulnerable  

Over the course of any given year, the family courts across England and Wales are called on to deal with an immense volume and breadth of work. For instance, some 63,084 new cases began between July and September this year alone ( They included matters relating to divorce, childcare, mental health, domestic abuse and probate. […]

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  Boris Johnson And The Challenge Of The Blended Family  

It is widely known that one of the titles held by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is First Lord of the Treasury. Some people may be less familiar with the fact that he is also the first PM to divorce, marry and become a father while in 10 Downing Street. Earlier this month, Mr Johnson […]

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  Growing Pains: Children As Witnesses In Family Proceedings  

The break-up of any relationship – be it a marriage or cohabitation – can be incredibly tough for those involved. When it involves children, the emotional and practical complexities can be magnified. Chief amongst them is the need to make adequate arrangements for children’s care and well-being. In some instances, the parents concerned may believe […]

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