Domestic Abuse And The Family Court: Progress Made But More Required  

That family courts across England and Wales handle a very large case load is by now accepted without dispute. Many individuals in government and the judiciary have already remarked on the impact which the volume of work has on the speed with which often very sensitive matters can be resolved. At the end of June, […]

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  A Mighty Heart: Brangelina And A Delicate Balance  

Family life is something of a great leveller. The same sort of challenges can pose difficulties for individuals regardless of their income or renown. It’s a theme which I’ve found myself reflecting on having read an interview recently given by the actress Angelina Jolie to one UK newspaper ( Whilst the article dealt with a […]

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  The Tragedy of Revenge  

The end of a marriage or cohabitation can be a terribly emotional time. Facing up to the breakdown of a relationship which may have lasted years can test people’s physical and emotional resolve. Whilst most couples manage the process in an entirely amicable fashion, others find it impossible to do so. It’s a topic which […]

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