Do Somethin’: Britney Spears And An ‘Iron-Clad’ Prenup  

No matter how much couples might not want to consider the prospect when they exchange vows, divorce is, sadly, a reality for many spouses. According to figures published the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 42 per cent of marriages end that way ( However, arguably one of the most positive developments in family law over […]

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  Making Every Hearing Count: Finding Facts And Managing Court Resources  

Those involved in Family Court cases involving children are under no illusion from the very start as to what their sole focus should be. After all, the opening lines of the legislation which governs such proceedings – the Children Act 1989 – states that: “the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration” ( That […]

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Although the world seemed to grind to a halt during the pandemic, family life went on. Whilst the closure of schools and the switch to working from home meant great change for many households, those individuals who were untouched by Covid-19 were able to carry on much as before. So too did the issues which […]

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